Company History

After 11 years in a previous company partnership, Accord Building & Design was formed in 2000 by Rob and Sue Bevear, with new homes and extensions the focus.

Since then, Accord Building & Design has focused on training apprentice carpenters in the detail and quality of workmanship needed for their clients. Throughout this time and with entries into Building competitions, (Housing Industry Association and the Master Builders Association), awards soon followed, and although these awards were appreciated, what has always been more valued by Accord Building & Design is to have happy clients.

Having worked for Rob and Sue as a carpenter since 1989, Adam Smith quickly absorbed the company ethos while he honed his skills as a craftsman and builder and worked his way up to become Project Manager. Adam has since ‘taken the helm’ when Sue and Rob recently chose to scale back their workload.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide clients with the confidence to build a custom home to enhance their lifestyle. We aim to make it easier for clients and ourselves to communicate during the building process. We will be seen as the best choice for a quality custom built home. We will provide a positive and safe environment for all of our team to converse with management and to grow. Sub-contractors will look to our business as the building company to work for, due to our organised approach to on-site management.

Products/services… New, custom-built homes, renovations and extensions of existing homes continue to be our focus. Demand for our product and service is growing, as clients are becoming aware of the services we provide where our competitors often fall short. We maintain our competitive edge and deliver more value to our clients by simply being organised.

Unlike many competitors, Accord Building & Design limits the amount of homes under construction to ensure quality work on every home we build. This approach allows us to foresee any issues and solve problems early.

Accord Building and Design sees the on-site carpenter as the backbone of every building project. They ensure everything is straight, level and have a trained, keen eye for detail. Our core team of carpenters are employed by us, full-time and have been trained to our high standards as apprentices to become qualified tradespeople in their own right. Without a company structure like ours, the traditional hiring of carpenters is on a sub-contract basis, where they work for different builders with different expectations of quality.

Our Guarantee

Our number one priority…  is to enhance our clients’ lifestyles, right now and for the years to come.

Costs… From the initial design, to installing the letterbox, your budget is extremely important. Any changes you choose to make, which may incur extra cost, will be explained in detail so that you can make an informed decision.

Communication… Clear and well documented communication is vital to ensure your home is built the way you intend. We will document all written communication, with any new communication taking precedence over old. We will be clear and concise at all times to avoid any misinterpretation.

Inspections… Inspections by Principal Certifying Authorities will be carried out at the legally required stages. We will issue evidence of this upon completion of your home to ensure compliance. We inspect all trades’ work during and upon completion of their work. We undertake a comprehensive final inspection to ensure quality.

Selections… Selecting colours and items for a home can be overwhelming. We will provide advice throughout the selection process. If, at any point we feel a product you have selected or decision made may not be appropriate, we will let you know.

Respect thy neighbour… On face value, this may seem way down the list of priorities. However, a good, or bad relationship with your neighbour, will affect your lifestyle. Your neighbours will hear and see the construction of your home and will be affected in some way. We do what we can to make the building process a positive one for your neighbours too.  We discuss work which may affect them, or even relocate their bins if a work vehicle makes it difficult to empty. Sometimes, it’s these little things, which make a huge difference.

We are here to stay! We are a building company, which was formed from old – fashioned, local values many years ago. With family and friendships firmly entrenched in the local community, we are here for the long haul. If any warranty items need attending to, we will promptly arrange a convenient time with you.

  • What we do – Renovate existing homes and build brand new homes to our high standards.
  • Type of homes we build – Quality custom designed & built. We work with you to develop a new plan from scratch or build to your existing plans.
  • Previous & Current work – Coastal, rural and urban. From custom designed plans to architectural work.
  • Likely material use – concrete and timber floors, modern/alternative wall claddings, colorbond roofs.
  • Accord has been established – Since 2000.
  • Staff – Experienced, ethical and skilled.
  • Staff numbers – 6 full time.
  • After hours – Ocean, beach, lake, bush…  very lucky to live where we do!