Accord Building & Design is a small, professional, custom building team that applies a client centric and  holistic approach to building.

We are aware that building a new home or renovating an existing one may be a considerable investment and stressful experience, so we limit the amount of work we accept to ensure that we can focus on our clients and the building of their new home.

As we value efficiency and clear communication we use a secure and accessible online service which allows us to stay connected to our clients and our subcontractors. Clients may access information about their build at any time on most devices, and they can easily view progress, decisions to be made, make comments or request changes at their convenience.

We can work with you to:

  • Build a new, custom-built home or
  • Renovate or extend your existing home.

We can:

  • Arrange drafting of plans or
  • Build from your architect’s plans.

We can:

  • Help you decide whether your best option is to build new or to renovate.
  • We can even help you select the right block, to suit your ideas and lifestyle.

When we build for our clients, the first step is to visit you on site, and listen to your ideas.

Our advice will then be based on:

  • Your unique needs – size requirements, who will be living in the home, types of finishes and so forth.
  • Location – we work with you to make the most of your site and offer ideas to maximise views and the environment, solar orientation and so forth.
  • Budget – We will offer the best advice to suit your situation.

Our Clients Prefer To Build With Us Because:

  • We are Professional and Organised… We understand that ‘life’ is busy and are aware of the pressures associated with building and renovating.  We provide advice on choices to be made in an open and transparent environment. Our focus, attention to detail and consideration for our clients set us apart from our competitors.
  • We offer online access and updates… We use an online system to keep track of all requests and for efficient and effective communication between our clients and the relevant trade. Clients receive a notification when there is new information to view and they are able to log into the system and check progress and developments at any time.
  • We work with and respect our clients… we listen to their ideas and work with them to help build a comfortable home to deliver year round comfort, efficiency and space to entertain or simply relax.… It’s their home, after all.
  • Courteous staff and well maintained work sites… We believe that Carpenters are the backbone of a quality built home, which is why we have a dedicated and well trained crew of full-time carpenters to ensure that we maintain  continuity and consistency from one home to the next.
  • The majority of our work is in already established area and our clients and their neighbours often comment on how much tidier our sites are in comparison to others.

Build with us to discover your own reason!… Each client has their own take on why we made their home building process so positive.

Making Sure That We Are The Right Builder For You

If you are wanting to build a typical ‘project company’ style home, with a mass produced floor plan, on a very tight budget, and quality is a second priority – we are not the best builder for you.

If, however, you want a quality designed and built home and the freedom to select your own materials and features, we could very well be a perfect fit.

Our clients say that we are their preferred builder because we offer:

  • advice from start to finish and
  • our designs are thoughtful and unique, with
  • attention to quality and detail.

They also say that we are professional and organised and that we have:

  • courteous staff
  • tidy work sites and a
  • flexible approach with
  • prompt communication.